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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a photographer can be fun, confusing, overwhelming, exciting, and just about every emotion a couple can think of. We want to help you out by answering some of the most frequently asked questions.

Of course, you can feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you might have.


My fiance and I hate having our photo taken.

We get this concern a lot! Usually this is because you are referring to phone cameras and overly posed school portraits. This is why we recommend an Engagement Session. Professional cameras are a lot kinder to everyone - plus it gets you comfortable with your photographers.

What is a "First Look" & do we need one?

A first look means that you are [artfully arranged] to see each other full dressed, before the ceremony. Then a series of romantic photos of just you two together. Couples who have this special moment never regret it - it helps you both approach the ceremony with a feeling of relief & joy.

What is a "front loaded" wedding plan?

This plan means that the couple are going to have majority of their photos taken early in the day: bride with her family & girls; Groom with his family & guys; then a First Look - and then everyone who is dressed! Couples who choose this plan usually are able to enjoy the cocktail hour!

Do you have a Videographer and Content Creator?

Yes and Yes! We have several amazing professionals with the same excellent standards as ours. We will arrange a separate consult for both.

Can we pick one of your packages with no changes?

Of course you can. Your time is valuable and you know what you want & need. Let us know and we will get you reserved quickly.

How much of our wedding is shot on film vs Digital?

Without adding a Film Package, your photography is completely digital.

Can we reserve a specific photographer?

Normally, we reserve the photographers who are perfect for your style. However, if you absolutely insist on a specific photographer, we will check their availability and let you know.

What if we need "all male or all female" photographers?

We are sensitive to every couples' cultures & religions. We are always able to accommodate you in this manner (if dates are still available, of course).

What do you wear on our wedding day?

Always dark colored business casual. Majority of the time, we wear all black. Beach & outdoor weddings might find us in khakis or summer dresses; but never anything revealing, sexy, or inappropriate.

How soon will we see our photos?

Digital images will be thoughtfully curated and expertly edited, and will be available within 8 weeks from the date of the last wedding event.

We don't want our photos on social media.

No worries at all. As you can see, very few of our Elite Clientele are online. Discretion is one of our strengths.

How much photoshop or editing will you do?

We always color correct & balance the light in every photo. For closeups, we soften fine lines and remove most blemishes. But majority of your images are left in their beautiful natural state. You can contact us with individual requests for additional touch ups.

More Q & A's

FAQ's about extra services & add-ons

Do you do Boudoir Sessions?

Boudoir photography

Do you do Boudoir Sessions?

Yes! Everyone of our photographers also specializes in Boudoir. Contact us for packages, as well as galleries.

Starting at 2,400

Can we choose only 35 mm?

35mm wedding photography

Can we choose only 35 mm?

Yes! We have a specific package dedicated to all 35 mm film; a mix of B&W and color.

Starts at 7,000

I only want a Bridal Portrait

I only want a Bridal Portrait

Absolutely. A lot of our international couples are already married and missed this gorgeous opportunity! Contact us for packages.

Starting at 3500
FAQ's about extra services & add-ons

Can we buy an album later?

Can we buy an album later?

Yes! Your online gallery is available for 365 from your wedding date. During that time, you have the ability to order and design your own album. Or reach out to us to design it for you.

Books start at 300 USD

Is our Engagement session free?

Engagement session photos

Is our Engagement session free?

Yes and No. We have packages that include a complimentary Engagement Session. We also offer a separate session, at cost, for those only needing that type of session.

Starts at 1,500

Can you do Super 8mm?

Street style photography by Tina Ortix=z

Can you do Super 8mm?

Absolutely. Please reach out for a separate consult with our videography team.

Starting at 3500

Final Q & A's


Can we get every single photo taken?

Not at this time.

We thoughtfully edit your images to the ones that will represent the exact feeling of your wedding day. There is no need for us to save a "blink or a blur." Those are deleted completely.

Do you work with couples with smaller budgets?

Absolutely! Everyone's needs and wants are different. It doesn't matter where your wedding is taking place, your package with us will be exactly what you need.

Can my friend shoot alongside you at our wedding?

Unfortunately not. We understand there are a lot of people who want to be wedding photographers. But because we offer training, they would have to contact us separately.