Hi, I am Tina Ortiz

Photography has been my passion for over 20 years. I cannot stress enough about how much I love weddings!

I've wanted to be a photographer since I first watched my mom load a roll of 35mm film in her camera. Later, in the 90's, I used to network constantly and sit in as a makeup artist or photographers' assistant in San Diego. My goal was to learn everything I could about making the perfect portrait (lighting, developing, and printing). I met up with Miranda Richardson, of Strike A Pose in San Diego and we became fast friends. We shot our first wedding together in 1997. (4 rolls of B&W) - unheard of today; and developed our own film.

Work and family brought me to Florida, in 1999. I was working as a fashion photographer & makeup artist. It wasn't long before some of the models got married in West Palm, then in Naples. Suddenly I was doing more weddings than fashion.

When I travel now, I always bring my oldest film camera for my personal projects. Film feels true to the photographer inside me. I love that feeling of hope as I wait to develop the roll. I know what is on that roll, but the waiting game reminds me to slow down, let the image create itself, and get ready to be amazed! I usually pack less for me to wear, so I can carry more camera gear, when I travel.

I have 2 adult babies (one is married, the other not); Being Mother of the Bride in 2020 was my absolute dream!

Photo by Sunglow Photography

What's it like to work with us

Our Studio's Approach

My team and I take RELAXED approach to creating EDITORIAL IMAGES for our STYLE-CONSCIOUS couples, built around COLLABORATION and TRUST.

You have your perfect wedding day in mind - and we are there with an extra professional photographer to capture the WARMTH & EMOTION of it all.

Don't worry about having to follow us around with a list. We try not to organize too many posed group shots --your wedding won't be like that.

Because you and I have already had a constructive planning consultation, we know who your key players are and after getting those important group photographs, we can let the rest of your story unfold naturally.

No matter how many associates come with me, we approach each wedding as if we are guests [with really good cameras.] We are professional and friendly; we don't stand on chairs for attention and we don't block anyone's view; we just make sure you are in the right positions to catch the light.

We allow you to be yourselves and really enjoy your time with your friends and family - just like you planned.

Luxury wedding photography
Luxury wedding photography

Photo by Jei Satander Photography, Miami

Our Studio's Creative Process

As you know, weddings aren't photoshoots. They are a unique event that has a life and storyline of its own. Planning out a timeline is essential, but I have found that the best images come from the moments in-between - the ones that weren't planned.

My TEAM & I do a lot of work behind the scenes. We scout out your locations (from getting ready to the couple's exit) constantly, so your framing and the light are magazine worthy.

We are all working towards a common goal: a Bespoke, Concierge-Style Service. Luxury Wedding Photography takes time & experience.

In order to be fully present with a select clientele, we only take on a handful of weddings each year. We hope that you trust our vision and invite us to, what is truly, one of the most fabulous days in your life.

Tina Ortiz, Gerald Douglas photography

Photo by Gerald Douglas

high end destination wedding

Me in Mexico

Tina Ortiz by Fran Bolini

Photo by Fran Bolini