What to expect when you are choosing an "all film" package

Social media today is acting like "ALL FILM" is a new trend, but a lot of studios have been using film continuously since they started; some as early as 1999.

What draws most people to the concept of having their wedding shot entirely on 35mm film is the "look of the finished photo." Keep in mind, a lot of what you see online may be just a film filter.

Here's what to consider if you are having an ALL FILM package by our studio:

  1. your photographers have to get closer to you. More often than not, the range on the lenses that are available for vintage cameras often mean less landscapes and more closeups.
  2. closeups, with the right film, are actually very beautiful, deep, and lifelike.
  3. white tones look brighter and realistic - not fake and overprocessed
  4. the color tones of the finished images can be a little unpredictable, but that's what adds to their charm
  5. you may lose a portion of your event. (sometimes a roll of film is just bad and you don't have photos of you cutting the cake/tossing a garter/etc.
  6. your romance session (B&G together) look and feel more intimate; again, not overprocessed like digital sometimes can
  7. your wedding day feels less like a photo shoot and more like an intimate event
  8. you two won't feel the need to create tons of Pinterest boards showing your favorite poses.
  9. we'll need to use flash during a good part of your event - and more than likely the entire reception
  10. sometimes we bring extra lights & stands to light up darker receptions or for "reception fun" photos
  11. most of our film packages also include Polaroids so that you get photos of all of the guests
  12. you will definitely have less photos to go through - the average all film package delivers about 60 - 100 printed 4x6's
  13. however, out of all 60-100, you will love every single one of them
  14. enlargements & books made from scanned negatives have a truly timeless feel to them
  15. it's such a moving experience to hold a box of your 4x6 prints and go through them every day

Take a look at Shannon & Danny's wedding photos that were all done with 35mm (both new Kodak Portra and older/expired Fuji Fujicolor). They also had 2 photographers using both types of film at any given moment.

35 mm realness with Shannon & Danny