Everything you need to know about your Glamourous Boudoir Session

Disclaimer: this post is my personal opinion and is taken from experience photographing boudoir sessions, as well as answering questions from our clients. It is meant for education purposes only. You may have completely different results during your session.

Right around the Valentine's Day or during engagement season, everyone starts talking about getting a boudoir session.

Before you decide to get a boudoir session, let me explain what they are through my studio. Our boudoir sessions are for females only, at this time. It is meant to be a session where the client wears something sexy or even nothing at all (tastefully photographed), pro hair & makeup, and photographs that are beautifully edited. These photos can be given to your fiance, for yourself, or anyone whom you deem important enough to share these sensual images with.

A boudoir session is:

  • a high end location, hotel room, or garden
  • soft lighting & careful editing
  • professional poses that enhance your beauty & figure
  • respecting your boundaries and requests
  • feeling pampered and adored by the studio team
  • investing in yourself and your romantic partner
  • finished portraits that are reminiscent of old Hollywood Glamour

A boudoir session is NOT:

  • explicit posing
  • feeling embarrassed or ashamed
  • unknown people on the set
  • confused about how to pose
  • unable to relax
  • finished photos that you never show anyone

I have been in this industry a long time and have heard some truly horrible stories about boudoir sessions everywhere (not just Florida).

When you contact our studio, we will get a lot of information from you. This will help us plan the right location, expectations of your outfits & level of comfort; we will pick the right photographer(s), and pro beauty artists.

Most Common FAQ's:

  1. Can I do my own hair & makeup? If you are a professional stylist, yes. If you know someone who is a professional, yes. However, your regular "going out" or best makeup look, may not be strong enough for photography. We recommend professionals, because they know how to make you makeup & hairstyle last. Consult with the stylist if you want to do self-tanning, come with hair in rollers, etc.
  2. Do bring my own clothing, shoes, and jewelry? Yes. Because of the personal nature of each woman's vision of what makes her feel good & sexy, it's best that you are wearing your own outfits.
  3. What type of outfits should I bring? You probably have that one outfit that you wear that drives your partner crazy! Bring that one! It might be their shirt, your tiny black bikini, or even the sheer gauzy gown that you got on vacation.
  4. I'm stuck for outfit ideas because I don't shop much. Go to Pinterest and look for "Boudoir outfits' or "vintage boudoir." These will give you hundreds of ideas as well as links to purchase items.
  5. Once you pick your outfits, iron or steam everything. It seems silly to iron lingerie, but you will absolutely be glad that you did. Plus, it reduces unnecessary editing costs.
  6. Do I need to wax or shave before the session? We recommend you do waxing a few days before, but even a week out to avoid redness. If it is your first time waxing, let us know so we can advise you better on the results (bumps, redness, etc.) Shaving can be done hours before.
  7. I'm coming from work, can I shower at the location? Most often, you just don't have the time. However, let your photographer know and we can add some extra time for your session.
  8. What about my nail polish? Thinking about the outfits you are bringing, try and match the theme. Most often, a French manicure looks best. Other have gone with a deep red tone. When in doubt, reach out and we can have one of our beauty team members advise you and/or help you.
  9. Is my photographer a female? Most of the time, our clients tell us that they are okay with either male or female. Let me know if you specifically want a female (due to the amount of artistic nudity that you want to have done.)
  10. Can I bring a chaperone or friend? Yes. We want you to feel comfortable. Bringing a friend (not your fiance if you can avoid it), who is over the age of 21 is perfectly acceptable.
  11. I don't know how to pose myself. Don't worry, your photographer has worked with every age, body type, and situation. We will make sure you always look gorgeous from every angle.
  12. Do I have to get naked? No. We don't expect it and will never ask you to do it.
  13. Should you choose to remove all clothing, you can always "hide" behind flowers, your veil, a curtain, the bedsheets, pillows, really anything. We will get you in different angles, so you feel confident and look amazing.
  14. Can I take it all off and be completely "confident?" Yes and no. Even the boldest of models can be photographed [no more than] vintage Playboy style (no open legs). This leaves something to the imagination, and helps you continue to feel confident, and you have no regrets. (I've heard that in the past.) We emulate Dita Von Teese & Betty Page for those who want complete nudity with body positivity.
  15. If you choose no clothing photographs for the last part of the session, you get to choose your photographer's gender beforehand.
  16. Will there be a 2nd photographer? Yes, most of the time, having the second there eliminates the need for your to stay in the same pose for extended lengths of time. (Your smile fades and you start to doubt yourself.) Instead, the two of us agree we got the correct image, and we are able to transition faster.
  17. Can I bring my little pet or my child? Unfortunately, no. This isn't the type of session for extra member, even on the set. There are no sitters or care takers - and even bringing one will ruin the vibe of the session.
  18. Can I take my own photos during the session (to show my friends how it's going?) Unfortunately not. With it being a closed set, with a specific type of editing, you aren't allowed to use your phone, or even bring it out during the session.
  19. Why not? As excited as you are, taking your own photo with an inferior camera lens will put your own critical eye on your "flaws." What that means is, you can't see yourself in the finished image, with pro lighting, posing, and the photographer's vision. Instead, you will look heavily made up, too dark, too narrow, it's a slippery slope. We need you to have an open mind about our final vision of you in print.
  20. That said, you can have the option of bringing a professional Content Creator with you. This [usually female] team member will be there on the set, shooting the behind the scenes in a fun way. They know how to get the best angles, work with the beauty team and photographers. This hour is usually all you need. That can be added to your package so you have instant content for social media.
  21. Do you retouch my photos? Oh yes. We smooth your skin tone & even out your complexion, sometimes a leftover tan line, small pimple, or shaving bump. We don't make you "skinny and warped." You will look like a beautifully edited version of yourself - always recognizably you.
  22. Finally, what am I going to do with all of these glamourous photos of myself? Your partner wants them! Get them a large for your bedroom or your own boudoir; a print for their desk; a book for their office; and some wallet sized images for when they travel. Then make a book for yourself - you deserve it! A box of matted images, artistically printed to showcase in your living room. Everyone will want to see how amazing you look! You are an inspiration to other women. My clients tell me that they look at their pictures almost every day.

Boudoir by Tina Ortiz

Wear something that makes you feel sexy

Boudoir by Tina Ortiz

Movie star glamour

Boudoir by Tina Ortiz

Tastefully photographed

Boudoir session with Jerry McGaghey

Confidence is so sensual